Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hope For The Best

My power plant tentatively to inject the power to national grid tomorrow. Agreed in the meeting by those parties including the District TNB. But somehow, this morning we being informed that we cannot inject and they also wont come to substation tomorrow unless we settle some payment to them. I checked with my account department if any pending invoice for TNB which is none. I called the incharge officer twice, but no answer. Then i called the boss, he asked me to call a lady officer. I called the lady officer and then only she explain that they just calculated the amount yesterday and informed to us this morning but somehow we need today so only we can start inject power tomorrow. At first we tought only a small amount so that if the check not ready by today, i just advance my own money. But almost rm170k!!!Another 10 years also i dont think my saving that much.Some more the deposit they request in form of bank guarantee. To prepare a BG normally took at least a week. I dunno how this people working, are they really work? Is this the mentality my Melayu which also Muslim have? Anyway, this is normal scenario if dealing with gov department which ive gone through many times, and now with the GLC. Understood, i try to sort out with them diplomatically. They havent issue any black and white, so im requested and they agree to do so but until now i havent received yet. I forced my HQ to prepare the check and courier down today, so that we can collect and pay tomorrow. For the BG, we let them holding the check first. As return, i need the guarantee that we can inject the power by tomorrow as their promise. Hope for the best.

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